Experimental, numerical and theoretical presentations will be given on the following topics:

  • Biological internal flows
  • Energy harvesting with flexible structures
  • Fluid-structure instabilities
  • Fluid-structure interactions in microfluidics
  • Plants and flows
  • Swimming/Flying at high Re
  • Swimming of microorganisms

For this edition, the size of the venue is limited unfortunately. As a consequence, we may not be able to include surface tension and elasto-capillary phenomena.

Abstract submission

The abstract will be of one A4 page in length, and will be formatted in single column format. A useful figure can be included within this page limit. At the beginning should be centered the paper title, authors’ names and affiliations. The first author should be the presenting author. Please, use the provided LaTeX template when formatting your abstract.

The abstracts should be submitted electronically, as a PDF file, whose filename should contain the name of the first author (e.g., ”Doe-FE19.pdf”). This PDF file is to be sent by e-mail to fluidelasticity2019@gmail.com before Feb. 1st, 2019.

The selection of presentations at the conference will be made on the basis of peer review, by two independent referees for each abstract. A volume of accepted abstracts will be available to each registrant at the conference.

LaTeX template for the abstract